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In 2011, I was looking for a way to keep busy during the summer months and came across cake decorating classes at a local shop.  I’ve always wanted to learn, so this seemed like the perfect distraction!  


What started as a hobby quickly became my passion.   It was pure delight playing with ingredients to find the perfect flavor, making fresh toppings and frostings, using new and fun designs to create baked goods, and it kept me up to the wee hours.  Soon I began bringing baked goods to the office and to gatherings.   The response was more than I could have imagined.   Each time someone’s face lit up after tasting my product, I realized there was a satisfaction of feeling like I was doing something great.


As time passed, friends, family, and coworkers were placing orders for specialty cakes and cupcakes, each request inspiring new designs and flavors and before long Trendy Treatz NY was born.

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